List of High Carb Foods and Beverages

The food items listed below are what drive up your insulin levels in the body. 1.Sugar and any other sweetened food items. Be sure to read labels and understand the various names for sugar mentioned on the packaging. — Sugar syrups of all kinds such as maple syrup, treacle, golden syrup etc. — Muscovado Sugar, Brown […]

How to Begin the Ketogenic Diet

1.Clear your House of all the Goodies — If you are going to give it your all, you might as well begin with this tip. Clear out your hidden stash of treats loaded with sugar or items which are heavy in carbs. The kitchen drawer, your bedside drawer, the fridge, bags or your own cupboard. […]

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Before we begin a diet it is always best to first understand what the diet is all about. In this chapter, I will explain what Ketosis is and how following this diet could aid you in your weight loss goal.  Ketones exist in everybody and are little fragments of fat which are produced by the liver when the […]