How to Begin the Ketogenic Diet

1.Clear your House of all the Goodies — If you are going to give it your all, you

might as well begin with this tip. Clear out your hidden stash of treats loaded with sugar or items which are heavy in carbs. The kitchen drawer, your bedside drawer, the fridge, bags or your own cupboard. We’ve all been there! Clear it all out. Give away the food items you have to avoid to a person in greater need of it all.

1.Read and Re-read the Guidelines — Don’t just finish reading this book and

toss it aside. Make a note of all the food items you are meant to avoid, and the ones you are allowed to eat.

1.Set a Date you want to Begin — Help yourself by starting this during a

non-holiday season or a time when you have little to no social commitments.

1.Tell Everybody! — Go ahead; tell the whole world if you have to, once you do,

you know there is no backing out. This way people will also know what you won’t be eating in case you do get invited to a last minute get together that you absolutely have to attend.

1.Plan Ahead– Now, when I say plan, I mean plan your meals, plan for a day in

the week where you go shopping for groceries you require. Once you have a list for groceries, stick to it!

1.Get a Keto diet Buddy — Get your best friend, family, sibling, and colleague

from work, anybody who is willing to hold your hand and support you to also partake in this diet. Incase nobody wants to join you, there are plenty of online Keto diet forums where you can get talking to people who have accomplished good health from doing the Keto diet. That should help motivate you further.

2.Make a List — Of all the things you can eat and cannot eat and put it up in

places you frequent a lot. Begin with your fridge first, then maybe your workspace. That will make it a lot easier for you to stay away from indulging in unhealthy binge eating sessions.

1.Write it Down, if you have to — Get yourself a journal, make it a habit on a

daily basis to write down how you felt after having a particular food item. That way, you can also keep track of how your body has reacted to the good and the bad. This will also help you track the amount of fats, proteins and most importantly how much of carbs you have consumed in a day.

1.It is not Just a Diet — When you begin eliminating grains, sugar etc from your

daily diet, you will not only benefit short-term, but on a long-term basis as well. Don’t do this if you think it is just another trendy diet. Do it for yourself and your health.

1.Keep it Simple — Your food does not have to represent some luxury hotel

menu. Keep your meal plans simple, recipes can be quick and easy to make.

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